Orthodontist Approved Stocking & Gift Ideas
Orthodontist Approved Stocking & Gift Ideas

Orthodontist Approved Stocking & Gift Ideas

Navigating the treats and sweets abundant during the holiday festivities poses unique challenges for those undergoing orthodontic treatment. When specialty cookies and rich confections abound this season, the risk of damaged dental appliances heightens considerably. However, some small token gifts can brighten any orthodontic patient’s holiday and improve their morale during treatment.

This guide offers budget-friendly stocking stuffer ideas specially approved by orthodontists to benefit brace-wearers. The suggestions below aim to ease soreness from appliances, freshen breath impaired by dietary limitations, and provide encouraging trinkets to lift patients' spirits. Equipping orthodontic patients with these tools fosters brighter, more cheerful dispositions through the New Year and beyond.

Ideas for the Orthodontic Patient on Your List

We understand orthodontic treatments require sacrifices around the holidays that can dampen patients’ merriment. But with thoughtful gifts tailored to ease their unique challenges, patients can partake in the joyful spirit of giving while progressing smoothly with their dental alignment procedures. Discover creative presents perfect for delivering smiles to patients’ stockings this season.

Travel Toothbrush & Toothpaste

Portable oral hygiene helps keep teeth sparkling clean on trips near and far to see family over the holidays. A mini toothbrush folds away neatly into a purse or carry on, while individual mini toothpaste tubes prevent messes. Pop one of each into small stockings for an always appreciated gift.

Braces Wax & Tools

The stocking isn’t the only place getting stuffed - so too are the nooks and crannies of braces with food debris. Floss threaders help wiggle out stuck particles. Orthodontic wax cushions pokey brackets and wires that irritate cheeks. And proxy brushes scrub buildup behind bands orthodontists installed. Toss all these handy helpers in!

Sugar-Free Mints/Gums

Freshening breath is always a good idea - but sugary mints do more harm than good for dental hygiene. Sugar-free xylitol options fight bad breath without promoting cavities or plaque like sugar does. Both small tins of mints and packs of gum get thumbs up as savvy stuffers.

Bracelets & Necklaces

Sometimes morale needs a lift when braces discomfort drags it down. Inspirational bracelets and necklaces act as trendy reminders to stick with it! For more distraction, we love beaded and flashy styles giving glam while aligning smiles.

Lip Balm Collection

Chapped, dry lips happen all winter but doubly so mid-treatment as mouth irritation goes hand in hand with orthodontics. Bring relief by filling stockings with medicated ointments and tinted or glittery lip balm galore to keep patients grinning, not grimacing.

Dry Mouth Lozenges

Biotene, Chloraseptic lozenges and sprays formulated for dry mouth curb irritation braces cause around the clock, not just seasonally. With various applicators from melt-away strips to lollipops means no excuse not to stuff several formats of soothing agents into stockings.

Dental Flossers

Brushing isn’t enough - flossing flushes out plaque and trapped food brace wearers easily get between teeth. Floss threaders wrangle and pick in all the tight tricky spots aligners create. While at first flossing seems like a chore for patients, make practicing proper technique fun by slipping useful tools into stockings.

New Headgear Case

For traditional wires and brackets, headgear often proves necessary. But the daily routine remains rather lacking in style. Liven up time worn wearing a head straightening halo with protective cases in dazzling holiday prints. At least the outside sparkles while promoting progress!

Braces Emergencies Can’t Stop the Season!

In all the hustle and bustle of the happy holiday season, braces breakages and mishaps unfortunately still take place. Don’t let minor orthodontic emergencies dampen spirits when solutions await!

If anything happens with appliances while the orthodontist office is closed for winter holiday hours, remain calm and follow these tips:

Loose Bands, Brackets or Wires

Broken Rubber Bands or Retainer

Poking Wire Ends or Uncomfortable Headgear

Major damage may necessitate an orthodontic emergency visit to prevent progress reversal. So call our 24 hour answering service if issues can’t wait. But minor mishaps can hang tight until after the eggnog is sipped and the ball drops!

Say Hello to a New, Improved Smile

With tiny tools to maximize oral care and trinkets offering comfort when the going gets tough, achieving aligned teeth hardly seems so arduous.

Our team at Orthodontics of Santa Barbara wishes happy holidays to all patients working hard for straighter smiles this coming year! Contact Orthodontics of Santa Barbara for tailored recommendations to delight distinctive individuals sporting bands, wires or clear aligners for express holiday delivery.


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