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Orthodontic Retainers Santa Barbara CA

Orthodontic Retainers

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If you've recently had your braces removed and are concerned with your teeth shifting back to their misalignment, we recommend having a new custom-fit retainer made to ensure your smile stays beautifully straight.

What Are Orthodontic Retainers?

Orthodontic retainers are removable appliances that help keep that straightened smile aligned after you've completed orthodontic treatment through braces or clear aligner trays. Each retainer is expertly crafted by our team to fit your mouth to ensure a comfortable, long-lasting fit that keeps your smile straight and vibrant.

We offer a number of color and pattern options to make your retainer fit your unique personality!

Why Wear a Retainer?

Our teeth continue shifting throughout our lifetimes, so even though you have completed your orthodontic treatment with braces or aligners, your teeth could return to their original misaligned position. When used as directed, retainers prevent this shift from occurring.

Is There More Than One Kind of Retainer?

There are two basic kinds of orthodontic retainers: permanent and removable. Your orthodontist may suggest either kind based on your needs or a combination of the two types.

What are Removable Retainers?

Removable retainers are retainers that you put in and take out as needed.

Removable retainers come in two types, Hawley, which are made of wire and hard plastic-like material. They cover the roof of your mouth or go behind your lower front teeth, with the wire on the outside of the teeth, helping to keep the alignment in place over time.

Essix retainers are also removable, but made of transparent plastic-like material. They look a bit like Invisalign trays.

What are Permanent Retainers?

Fixed or permanent retainers are placed and removed by your orthodontist. They are custom-fitted wire that is bonded to the inside of your teeth. They may also be called lingual wire, or bonded retainers.

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Orthodontic Retainers Santa Barbara CA

How Do You Brush Your Teeth With a Retainer?

If you have a fixed retainer, simply brush and floss around it. The wire can accumulate food and plaque the way braces do if not cared for properly.

How Do You Keep From Losing Your Retainer?

Whenever your retainer is not in your mouth, be sure to keep it in its case to prevent loss or damage. Keep retainers in cool places for storage, rather than hot vehicles. If you lose your retainer, call our office immediately to schedule a replacement.

Can You Eat or Drink While Wearing a Retainer?

You need to remove your retainer before eating and drinking anything other than cool or room temperature water. If you have an Essix retainer, you should remove it even when drinking water.

How do You Clean a Retainer?

You should always avoid drinking hot fluids while wearing your removable retainer. Gently brush your retainer with a soft-bristled toothbrush and non-abrasive toothpaste whenever you brush your teeth.

Do You Need to Bring Your Retainer With You for Dental Check-Ups?

To ensure your retainer continues to fit properly, you should bring your retainer with you for any dental or orthodontic appointments.

What's Involved in Getting a Retainer?

Once you've completed your braces treatment, we'll have you return to our office for a follow-up appointment. During your visit Dr. Barkhordar will create a new plan for your care or check-in on your long term plan to ensure that everything is on schedule.

Once your check-up has been completed and you're ready, we will make detailed impressions of your mouth to use as the mold for your orthodontic retainer, making sure that it fits comfortably and pain-free.

Once your retainer has been made with our state-of-the-art equipment and the highest quality possible materials, you'll return to the office to receive the retainer. At that time, Dr. Barkhordar will give you instructions for wearing and caring for your new retainer.

After that, you'll continue your regular dental check-ups so that we can clean and care for your teeth and ensure that your teeth remain straight and beautiful for the rest of your life.

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