Why Orthodontic Treatment in Santa Barbara Is a Great Value

Why Orthodontic Treatment in Santa Barbara Is a Great Value

Many of our patients ask whether orthodontic treatment is expensive in Santa Barbara, and we will answer some of these questions in this blog below. But of course, we believe that the benefits of orthodontic treatment are in many ways invaluable. Having a beautiful smile that you feel proud to show off can do wonders for so many aspects of your life. This is why orthodontic treatment is very much worth it in our opinion.

Is Orthodontic Treatment Expensive in Santa Barbara?

Orthodontic treatment is really not any more expensive in Santa Barbara than in other places. Depending on the treatment option that is required, it can cost a few thousand dollars, but the benefits can last a lifetime, so it is usually well worth the cost. 

You should not let the potential cost of orthodontic treatment stop you from getting it done for yourself or your child. It actually might be more affordable than you realize, and that’s probably because places like Orthodontics of Santa Barbara offer affordable financing plans and helpful ways to make getting braces and other types of orthodontics easy for everyone.

What Impacts the Cost of Orthodontic Treatment?

Many things can impact the cost of orthodontic treatment and Santa Barbara. It really depends on the level of misalignments that need to be corrected in the teeth, as well as other factors. 

For example, we need to consider the cost of orthodontic materials, labor, and length of treatment time. Someone with very misaligned teeth may need to wear their braces for longer, and so that of course will result in some slightly higher costs. Certain types of orthodontic treatment may take less time and so they might also be preferable for this reason. 

Ceramic (clear) braces, for example, can take a little longer to achieve results than traditional metal braces. This is because the ceramic material is slightly more fragile. They are also more expensive than metal braces because of the materials used to create the clear braces appearance.

What Are the Potential Costs of Delaying Orthodontic Treatment?

One question that is very important to consider is what are the downsides of delaying or avoiding orthodontic treatment? It might seem like orthodontics like braces simply offer a cosmetic result. But actually, most orthodontic treatments are very important for the healthy functioning of the mouth and jaw. 

If your teeth are misaligned, it can cause all sorts of problems that you may not think about at first. These problems can include everything from issues with chewing and speaking properly to putting stress on the jaw. Stress on the jaw can lead to chronic pain and even TMJ disorder.

If teeth are not properly aligned, they can wear on each other unevenly. This can cause teeth to become more prone to cavities and other problems down the line. 

The longer you wait to get braces, the more the misaligned teeth might push other teeth out of alignment, making it take longer to correct when you do finally get braces. Get braces as early as possible to avoid this issue.

Thus, you are looking at other expenses in terms of fixing these teeth down the line if you hold off on orthodontic treatments like braces. In effect, you’re not saving money so much as kicking the can down the road...at best.

How Does Orthodontics Positively Impact a Person Over a Lifetime?

We should also consider the cost of potential lost work and relationships if recommended orthodontic treatments are ignored. Some of this value may not be easy to calculate, but people who have more attractive smiles will simply have more opportunities in life all around. 

Why Should I Get My Child Orthodontic Treatment?

You will want to set your children up for success by getting orthodontic treatment done as soon as they are ready. While adults still can benefit from braces and Invisalign® clear aligners, orthodontic treatments are simply more of a hassle for adults. 

Orthodontic treatment is usually easier for children once they are old enough, which is after their permanent teeth come in. Children’s teeth have an easier time shifting into positive compared to adults. Proper orthodontic treatment will help improve their oral health earlier on and avoid more problems later. 

For these reasons, as well as all the reasons listed above, it is definitely important to get your child the recommended orthodontic treatment. It can save you and them money in the long run, as well as a lot of grief.

Will My Dental Insurance Cover Orthodontic Treatments?

First of all, we do recommend getting dental insurance no matter what. It is usually well worth it. The basic plans at least cover most, if not all, of preventative treatments. However, many of these basic plans do not cover much in the way of orthodontics. Therefore, you should check with your dental insurance company and see what sorts of coverage options they have for orthodontic treatments.

Special family dental plans may cover some orthodontic treatments for your children and can end up being very helpful. However, you should check the fine print and make sure that you do not need to have purchased the dental plan for a certain time period before you can receive the orthodontic benefits. 

In this case, it is often best to get dental insurance before you think you might need it, because many insurance companies do have a waiting period before some of the better benefits can be used.

What is Third-Party Financing for Orthodontics?

Third-party financing is a way to help pay for your orthodontic treatments using payment plans. These plans are provided by a third-party financial provider. Usually a credit check is required, and then you can obtain braces or Invisalign® clear aligners, sometimes without a down payment. The payments are made monthly, which can help a lot because the upfront cost is minimal.

Government agencies and non-profit organizations may be also able to help with costs. Check online for opportunities. 

How Can I Get Started with Affordable Orthodontic Treatment in Santa Barbara?

If you or your family need orthodontic treatment along the California coast, then Orthodontics of Santa Barbara can help. We offer the best in orthodontic treatments at reasonable fees for families. We work with almost all dental insurance organizations, and we also provide affordable financing options to bring your costs down to an easy monthly payment. Contact our front desk staff at (805) 979-9070 to learn more about how our financing options can help you with orthodontics for the entire family.

You probably want the best in orthodontic treatments for your family in Santa Barbara. So come visit us at Orthodontics of Santa Barbara for a consultation and meet our friendly team. Contact us today at (805) 979-9070.


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