10 Orthodontist-Approved Holiday Stocking Stuffers Your Family Will Love
10 Orthodontist-Approved Holiday Stocking Stuffers Your Family Will Love

10 Orthodontist-Approved Holiday Stocking Stuffers Your Family Will Love

The holidays are here, which means trying to think of the perfect gifts for your loved ones.

This year, why not give the gift of better health? Gifts that promote good oral health can help your family reduce their risk of diseases , including:

Some people might hold back from giving someone an oral health-related gift because it doesn’t seem like the most exciting gift to give. However, oral health gifts can make great stocking stuffers – many of which get a big thumbs up from your Santa Barbara orthodontist and dentist.

10 Stocking Stuffers Your Family (And Your Santa Barbara Orthodontist) Will Love

Let’s get those stockings stuffed with all kinds of goodies! Here are a few orthodontist-approved gifts for those in your family or circle of friends who have invested in orthodontic care in Santa Barbara .

1. Floss Threaders

Patients with braces can never have enough floss threaders. It’s a good idea for them to use a new floss threader every time they floss for a couple of reasons.

First, after use, floss threaders have plaque and bacteria on them, just like floss. You wouldn’t want to reuse a piece of floss. Likewise, you wouldn’t want to reuse floss threaders (unless you carefully clean them and let them dry thoroughly).

Second, floss threaders can become hard to use the more you use them. They can bend or curve in a way that puts the user at risk of poking their soft tissues. Also, floss threaders can start to split, making them difficult to use.

2. Oral Hygiene Travel Kit

If your loved one travels frequently, create an oral hygiene travel kit for them. The kit can include:

You can create a kit or find several already-made options online.

3. Toothbrushes

Consider a fun toothbrush if you’re looking for a Santa Barbara orthodontist-approved gift for your child. Getting kids to take care of their oral health is not always easy . But parents can make the task more fun by incorporating fun toothbrushes.

You can probably find a manual toothbrush – and possibly even an electric toothbrush – in a design that fits their tastes. Brushing with their favorite action hero or cartoon character might make them more excited to spend time brushing their teeth.

4. The Gift of a Brighter Smile

One of the reasons people invest in orthodontic treatment in Santa Barbara is because they want a more beautiful smile. When people are satisfied with their smile, they feel happier and more confident and can’t wait to share their smile.

You can contribute to the joy by giving your loved one a gift certificate for professional teeth whitening treatment. While this option may be pricier than over-the-counter options, professional whitening is often safer and more effective. Additionally, if your friend or family member experiences any sensitivity, their dentist can find ways to minimize the sensitivity so they can whiten more comfortably.

5. Electric toothbrush charging travel case

Another great gift for the traveler in your family is an electric toothbrush charging case. These are especially wonderful gifts for people who love to explore the great outdoors. Charging cases can charge an electric toothbrush using power banks and car adaptors.

6. Dental Health Apps

Let’s face it – brushing and flossing aren’t the most exciting tasks. But technology can make it better. Several dental apps are available to help people keep their teeth and gums healthy. Some offer helpful reminders, while others make the task of dental homecare more fun.

7. Cash or a Check to Contribute to Their Oral Healthcare Costs

Orthodontic care isn’t a cheap investment. Your loved one may appreciate the gift of money to make a payment toward their orthodontic treatment in Santa Barbara.

8. Tasty Toothpaste

Another way to get kids to engage in dental homecare more often is flavored toothpaste. Mint might be fine for you, but your kids might not love it. Some flavors to try include:

9. Fun Floss

Unflavored floss is boring. Whether you’re buying stocking stuffers for an adult or a child, remember that everyone wants to have a little fun. You can find floss in tasty flavors and colors that will make the task of flossing way more enjoyable. Here are just a few of them:

10. Hot Chocolate Gift Pack

People wearing braces have quite a few dietary restrictions, including avoiding hard, crunchy, chewy, or sticky foods. If you have a friend or family member who loves their sweet goodies but is staying away from their favorites to prevent an orthodontic emergency, consider hot chocolate.

You can create a cute gift basket with a beautiful mug and several different flavors of hot chocolate. Plus, add some fun extras, like marshmallows and chocolate syrup, to make a tasty gourmet treat.

Why Good Oral Health Is Important for Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatment from a Santa Barbara orthodontist is an investment of your time and money. You want to ensure that you or your child has a good outcome when treatment is complete.

One way to ensure this is with good oral hygiene at home and regular visits to the dentist.

Patients with braces are especially prone to plaque build-up and susceptible to decay and gum disease . The reason is that plaque can easily build up around their brackets. If the plaque isn’t removed regularly, they can experience:

Helping them achieve better home care with Santa Barbara orthodontist-approved stocking stuffers is a gift that will benefit them now and into the future.

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Make 2023 your year of better oral health! Contact your dentist to schedule a cleaning and check-up in 2023, and contact your Santa Barbara orthodontist to discuss treatment options for you and your entire family. We look forward to helping you attain and maintain optimal oral health.

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